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The Half-Blind Crow & Docktown - Places of Azure Marsh

I'm certain that the descriptions below will speak for themselves, however, I must elaborate just a bit on the creation of not only The Half-Blind Crow but of the part of Azure Marsh in which it sits.

Last weekend when I ran what little of my adventure (Tomb of the Mad Magus) I had written I found that the town of Azure Marsh was far too clean. Not clean in that they had trash collectors  and everyone took twice daily showers, but clean in that everyone was lawful aligned,  the town watch was good at their job  and everyone seemed happy. Now, for the purpose of my players this was fine (they're eight after all) but as Referee and as a player myself, I found the town to have no color and to, in my mind, be one of those old Hollywood cowboy sets. Nothing but planks of wood pretending to be buildings.

From that game, and a wonderful question from one of my players "Docktown" was born. Azure Marsh sets atop a clif overlooking the Loch Sevel. Being a fishing town how did they fish when they where on a cliff? Well:

Docktown is located on the waters of Loch Sevel itself and serve as Azure Marsh's port on the edge of the Loch.  Built from ash and oak cut from  the edges of the Forest of Eternal Night, the docks hug the cliffside, connected to the town by a series of ramps, stairs and pulley systems hewn into the rock itself.  The docks are like a small town onto itself with rows of buildings against the cliffside, so close that a man could walk from one end to another without ever leaving the roofs.
                - Tarbon Sihg, is a large man heavyset with muscles that strain his rough clothing. Bald with a beard that could rival any dwarf's, Tarbon rules the docks as the dock master and defacto political leader.

Human Male: AL Neutral; MV 30', AC 9[10]; HD 3+3; #ATK 2; DMG 1d8+2 (Harpoon/Long Spear)

Dock Worker (30): AL Neutral; MV 30'; AC 9[10]; HD 2+1; # ATK 1; DMG 1d6 (shortsword/hand axe), 1d8 (Harpoon/Long Spear)

Fishermen (45): AL Law; MV 30'; AC 9[10]; HD 1; #ATK 1; DMG 1d6/1d8 (Spear/Long Spear)

Sailors (20+): AL Neutral; MV 30'; AC 7 [12]; HD 2+3; #ATK 1; DMG 1d6+1 (Hand Axes, short Swords). Note: The number of Sailors changes on a 1d4/days basis depending on the number of boats and such that are in Docktown from other villages on the Loch.

The Half-Blind Crow is a bar and inn located in Docktown. The building is old and sliping and one corner is dipping ever so lightly into the Loch. The building has seen better days and is now mostly kept together by rope and mud.  The Half-Blind Crow typical serves the dockworkers and sailors in port, but it isn't unknown for the owner to extend his services to adventurers. Just be wary of your purse.
                -Jed Waterfoot is the sole owner of the Half-Blind Crow and always welcomes in Sailors or those who he thinking may some use. While it is not public knowledge, Jed is the leader of a thief's guide that spans every corner of the Loch and uses Docktown to smuggle and launder his guide's ill-gained good.

Halfling Male; AL Neutral; MV 45'; AC 7[12]; HD 3+3; #ATK 2; DMG 1d4+2 (Enchanted Dagger - See Weapons Appendix)

                - Addie Eldr, is the older sister and caregiver of Narn. A Bright girl with pure white hair, Addie has taken care of her brother since their parents were killed on the road three years ago. Before the murder of her parents, Addie studied to be a Cleric. Now she works as a waitress in the Half-Blind Crow, ready to meet grabby customers with a frying pan she carries with her everywhere.

Human Female; AL Law; MV 30'; AC 9[10]; HD 1; #ATK 1; DMG 1d6 (frying pan)

Waitresses (5); AL Neutral; MV 30'; AC 9[10]; HD 1-1; #ATK 1; DMG 1d4

Table 1 The Half-Blind Crow Patrons (roll three times)
Die Roll
Type of Patron Encountered
1d10 Fishermen
1d8 Dock workers
1d6 Sailors
Tarbon Sihg

I ask that if you use any of this just to let me know. I do eventually plan to release the entire module over at drivethrurpg.


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