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A Quick Note on Race Specific Classes in Lands of Eira

As I’ve mentioned before my favorite version of Swords & Wizardry is the Third Printing. That printing of the S&W rules featured an option to play as one of the three core classes (Cleric, Fighting-Man and Magic-User) or as a slower moving but further advancing race specific class.
In a lot of respects this was really cool for people like me who love dwarves and love to play as the proto-typical, Tolkienish Dwarf.However, these race specific classes (The Dwarven Warrior and the Elf Adventurer) were pretty much rehashes of the Fighting-Man and Magic-User but with slower level gain.
The wonderful part about this is that it allows the player and the Referee to craft an individually unique class and identity for their elves and dwarves. The option for this, in fact, creates a sandbox of sorts for the players to create, destroy and experiment. The player and the DM can, with these race specific classes create entire mythos around the culture of elves and dwarves. Questions can be rai…

Space, the Final Froniter ... 3

Fleet Security
Security Officers are assigned to starships, bases and ground bases controlled by the Federation. Security Officers are typically responsible with keeping their duty station secure and to assure the normal operations of their duty post. Security Officers are responsible for the prevention, investigation of criminal acts as well as to provide personal protection of Starfleet personnel, foreign dignitaries and the like.
In times of war and during away missions, Security Officers act as the frontline defense of the Fleet. Security Officers are usually broken into small squads with set stations during times of conflict. However, even alone, a Fleet Security Officer is a formidable force and it is not unheard of for one Officer to hold an area from an enemy assault.
Primary Attribute: Strength and Dexterity +13 (5% bonus to experience) Hit Dice: 1d8/level (+3/per level after 9th) Defense Bonus: -5[+5] Weapons Permitted: All

Fleet Security Abilities
Tactical Training: Fleet Security…

Quick Note: Fantasy Grounds Virtual Con

Just a reminder or a heads-up for everyone out there! This weekend is Fantasy Grounds Virtual-Con 2013. Virtual-Con is a full weekend of online table-top gaming featuring a variety of systems and play-styles Using Smiteworks Fantasy Grounds 2 VTT. The Con starts on Friday, May 31st and runs until June 2nd. Now for the best part, you don’t need a paid version of Fantasy Grounds to be a player in any of these games during the Con as all the Referees, DMs, GMs, Storytellers have ultimate licenses on their copy of FG2.
Now, unfortunately, yours truly won’t be attending this year as I’ll be on my second trip for my daughter’s dance troupe. However, I can tell you from last year that the Virtual Con is a fun event and every one in attendance had a very jovial mentality and were very willing to help anyone unfamiliar with a system.
So, get going, and get registered!
Smite Works Fantasy Grounds
FG virtual Con

Attributes pounderings

Well, one vacation down and another coming up! But enough about that, let's discuss the idea of attributes!

As a few of my posts have shown, I am not just planning and thinking about my Celtic/Gaelic/Welsh setting "Lands of Eira". I am also, working slowly on a fan rpg of Star Trek. Obviously this is redundant with games like "Spacemen & Space Ships", "X-Plorers", and "Stars Without Number",  but I am a redundant person.

So, while on my three-day weekend, and mini vacation, I was pondering about the default attribute system that has been a part of the world's first rpg since, apparently, its inception with little change (and those only to modifiers). No reason to fix what isn't broken and the six attributes have always worked. However, I believe it could be modified for faster play, especially with younger players and new players. Also, while the six attributes are humanity boiled down, some checks (in later systems) and tables/s…

Pair Dadeni - Mystical Items of Eira Preview

According to Welsh mythology the Pair Dadeni is a large cauldron that can bring the dead back to life. The cauldron has no origin outside of being among the belongings of the giants Gyfnewid and Cyminfoll. Tragedy seems to follow the owners of the cauldron as the giants were burned out of their home by locals, the next owner one of the Chieftains of Wales lost it to avoid war after his son, murdered a major chieftain of Ireland’s horses. In the end, the cauldron was destroyed during a war of vengeance between the Welsh and the Irish when the same chieftain’s son who murdered the Irish horses shattered the cauldron from the inside.
In Eira, the cauldron is a mythical artifact, hidden away since the dawn of time when the goddess Eira created the land. The exact location is unknown, but stories tell of a temple on an island located on Loch Sevel, hidden by mists and protected by two giant-kin. It is said that the Pair Dadeni, can bring the dead back to life, although not always as themsel…

Magic User Option - Familiars

In Swords & Wizardry Core and Complete a Magic-User gains and retains his spells through the use, manufacture and study of a spell book. At the beginning of each day the Magic-User must study his spell book to commit to memory those spells within the spell book that she believes will be most useful to her that day.
In fantasy fiction the spell book, by a variety of names, is the typical accessory of the wizard and many an iconic scene show the wizard with her book in hand.However, there is another accessory, just as much a part of the popular image of the spellcaster as the spell book; the familiar. A witch’s black cat, a wizard’s owl and many other combinations of animals and spirits, have accompanied the magic-user throughout the realms of fantasy.
Given that the spellcaster’s familiar is as much as, if not more than, a prominent figure as her spell book, it is interesting that the familiar has not been looked into more.
In the Third Edition of Dungeons and Dragons both Wizard…

A Party's Good Luck - A Spell for Clerics

Albatross Spell Level: Cleric, 7th Level Range:  60 feet cone Duration:  See description
This spell summons a spirit bird from the planes of Law to guide the caster and anyone within its influence to the nearest temple of a Law-aligned deity and cannot be dismissed until this task has been completed. While under the influence of the Albatross, the caster and all those within its influence will not come to the notice of any creatures, will not trigger any traps, and will not suffer the effects of terrain, weather, or bodily needs. 
However, for every three rounds the Albatross is summoned everyone within its influence, save the caster, must make a saving through with an increasing -1 modifier per saving throw round. If the saving throw is failed those who failed must immediately attack the Albatross (AC 9[10]). When attacked the Albatross will disappear forcing those that were under its influence to suffer all effects, attacks, etc that they avoided while under the influence of the Alb…

Gaming on the Road

Sometimes on longer road trips, my daughter will ask to play “The Game”, which is obviously our OD&D/Swords & Wizardry game that I have been running for her over the last two years. These games are spontaneous; I don’t know they’re going to happen or that I should prepare for them as she doesn’t always ask. Add to this the fact that I’m easily car sick and you can see there is almost no reason to bring a rule book, dice or character sheets on a road trip.
With nothing to guide us, no rules, no dice to reign us in or keep us honest, complete chaos should rule, right? Actually, no, and I’ll explain that at the end. First, however, I will explain what we ended up doing instead.
All you need is your imagination, a basic understand of the rules of OD&D/Swords & Wizardry and a deck of Uno cards. It is hard to explain so I will run you through a quick example and then try to explain.
Swords & Wizardry Uno
Referee: You crawl through the tunnel, deeper and deeper, your elvis…