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Mini-Review - Matt Finch's 0e Monsters of Jordoba

Matt Finch begins 0e Monsters of Jordoba with a page long mission statement, one that ends with this statement:

So I’m going back to those grassroots for a while. Jordoba isn’t a polished, finished project being handed down by a publisher as a complete product. Instead, it’s the material spun out from the ongoing process of building a campaign world organically, through actual gaming. The world is developing simultaneously in the 5th edition rule system and in the original 1974-1978 version of the game (Swords & Wizardry). They’re not incompatible except in the eyes of dedicated edition warriors. Right On, Matt!

What is it?
0e Monsters of Jordoba is an eight-page supplement for the developing world/setting/cinematic universe (kind of).It, as the name implies, focuses on the various monsters and monstrous entities that populate the Jordoba setting (or at least those that have been encountered so far).Each monster takes up between 1 to 2 pages of the total 8, with a photograph of a min…
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Deviant Tuesdays - The Art of Alexander Nanitchkov

Moving Deviant Fridays over to Tuesday for reasons that will become apparent later.
This we were are looking at Alexander Nanitchkov who is probably the most widely known of the artist I featured.  He has worked for Paizo, WOTC, and PXXL.

DeviantArt | Artstation | Personal Site
Nanitchkov's work has a bit of surreal to it, even when it comes to his commissions from larger groups like Paizo, the work carries the quality of something potentially seen in a dream or under the influence of something.

I think the Pathfinder got lost

Like many, I cut my RPG teeth on 3e (and later 3.5).  When the first Pathfinder was released I was all over it, I had the beta book, the bestiary previews and scooped up the first adventure path like it was water in a desert.  For me (and others) Pathfinder was the ONLY WAY to continue gaming the "right way" after 4e changed the format so much.

I fell quickly away from Pathfinder, only taking part in a few games near its beginning that were a weird mishmash of 3, 3.5, and Pathfinder's "streamlining".  I found the OSR and aside from some publication development and lore never really looked at Pathfinder again.  That was until a few months ago when the playtest for the second edition was announced (PDF available for free on August 2nd, and physical pre-orders available through May 1st).  I became excited again, I enjoyed the art and lore of Pathfinder.  I liked how the world gave a reason for all the adventurers (The Pathfinder Society) instead of just allowing a…

NTRPG Con, Review on Tenkers, and Patreon updated

A message from you humble sage Good morning dear readers!  I have been away a long time ... yes, a very long time.  Oh, I have tried to come back before, made a few changes here and there, spoke of a few little things, said pretty words, that kind of rubbish talk and half-hearted false starts.  I could say that I am old - but that would be a lie, wouldn't it? - could say that the magic and lore of the OSR and the gaming world have slowly fizzled away, leaving me unable to conjure even a minor light spell!  That too would be a lie. I will make no excuses!  No, there is no time for that, no time at all.  Instead, I sit here, pouring over tomes of arcane script known as Java and C++ and hear the muse's call again, and the spark of magic in the air ... so, let us say that I was merely napping.  Yes, merely napping which is something we are all prone to do and later deny. Well now, that I have had a good nap and a nice spot of Valhalla Blend let us move to the announcements, eh? N…

Deviant Fridays - Miguel Mercado

Deviant Fridays returns!  This week is Miguel Mercado a character illustrator from the Philippines who does work that sometimes looks like Rockwell taking a peek at the 80s.

He works as a cover artist for IDW and several other comic companies.

Quick Update

Good Evening everyone!  This is a quick update to say that I am working on a few small projects for Swords & Wizardry and 5e.  These projects are similar to some of the Patreon exclusive "1 Sheet" adventures I did a few years back.  The 1 Sheet adventures are similar to AAW's mini-dungeons in that they'll be available for print and set up so that they can be three-hole punched and added to a binder or organizer.

Like the ones I did for Patreon these are meant to be settingless, opening them up to work in any fantasy (or potentially paranormal/urban fantasy) setting.  The digital ones will link to the respective system's SRD for stats as well as list location in print copy ... so i.e. Goblin (MM|5e 165) for quick reference.  These adventures will typically be location-based and either using a licensed commercial map like the one's Dyson just released or from Mapforge once the commercial license goes live.
Pricing point will be about the same as the AAW st…

Review - Tim Snider's Burial Plots for Cryptworld

Tim Snider is one of the creators in the small-press scene I absolutely love.  He is a great guy, a wonderful editor, and his work has long been something I have been a fan of.  From his Deviant Database books (here and hereaff) full of wonderful post-apocalyptic creatures for Mutant Future and Labyrinth Lord to his official work for Goblinoid Games he never fails to impress me with his wit and imagine.  With that in mind, I was very surprised and happy to see an addition to the horror system that Tim helms for Goblinoid on RPGNow earlier this week.

Burial Plots (aff) is a 52-page supplement for Cryptworld (aff) using the Pacesetter system and features five adventures of the strange and macabre.  As per the listing on RPGNow:

Condition Critical Dr. Howard Eastman has called a press conference at his remote research facility to announce a medical breakthrough that will “eradicate human illness and suffering forever.” But what if the cure proves to be worse than the disease?
Unquenchable T…